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Keep Your Aura Cleansed & Clear Always

To the left is an example of an Aura photo. Each time I have an aura photo taken it changes, and that makes sense! Since we are always evolving, shifting and moving.

Now there is a lot of talk when it comes to Auras. Some believe it to be a trick of the camera, when actually trying to see a picture of your aura. Others believe that the colors shown mean something entirely separate from what they really mean. Red is not a sign of negativity and anger (usually). In fact that particular day, I was in a very excited mood to be at a psychic fair with my friends and getting my first Aura picture.

Nothing sinister about that! teehee. Some people are just misinformed. Red is just a sign of strong will and more. There is a more in depth meaning to all of the colors in a link I provide below. I strongly suggest you check this site out. It is entertaining and informative. See below. Although I need to remind everyone that our Aura colors/energy fields will change as we grow. They can even change dramatically in one day. So strictly going by what color your aura was in one picture for your entire life is not going to work. The picture you have taken is your Aura as of that moment in time, including your emotions at that time and your level of development at that time. This will change often as you progress and become more spiritually evolved.

I’d like to explain what an Aura is exactly. Your Aura is an energy field that surrounds your body completely. Our Chakras are our main energy centers. Our thoughts, feelings and emotions filter into our Chakras and flow out into our Aura and emanate out to the World and the Universe. Likewise, the outer world filters into our energy system and it is up to us if we receive only the good energies or the not-so-great energies out there. If our Aura and Chakra systems are healthy and vibrant we will more easily fend off the icky energy out there. When they are run down, holes and patches will start to form in our aura that will allow the ick to slinker its way in.

Your Aura shows your emotions at a particular moment as well as what type of person you are. You Aura also accumulates all your experiences, positive and negative. They seem to stay with your Aura on some level. There are many layers to your Aura (The Etheric Layer, The Astral Layer, The Mental Layer and The Ketheric Layer) that are explained in depth in James Van Praag’s “Heaven and Earth: Making the Psychic Connection”. I am going to keep this on a simpler level, since my experience is limited with Aura photography.

For me the colors I see psychically (in my mind’s eye) may not match what an Aura Camera would show. Although their meanings may match. In that what I feel the colors will mean to me and I would interpret for you when I see those colors may match the same meaning that the Camera tells you with different colors it received. Although it usually gives you an automated response for each color it sees in your, there may be more to be interpreted that the psychic taking your photo will relay to you.

As of recently, Aura colors (to me) match our Chakra colors and their designations. A person may be stronger in those particular color ranges (possibly) or are working towards that. Just one option of many!

Keeping your Aura free of Psychic Garbage

Keep that Aura clean and expanded. As you encounter negativity along your life’s experiences, so does your Aura. Always surround yourself with the White Light. Continue to be positive, have a positive outlook, love yourself and others and you will expand your Aura to reach many!!! Showering daily will clean and clear your physical body as well as your energetic body. Having a clean and clear Aura aids you in feeling stronger and facing the world with clarity. Also, there are many visualizations that you can use to rid yourself of negativity. Here’s one:

Imagine a small solid white ball in the pit of your stomach area. Then watch it grow and expand continued to be solid, pushing out all that negativity, debris, junk, negative emotions, and bad experiences along with it! See it expand through your entire body, arms, legs, neck, head, hands, and as it expands, it goes out in a nice oval shape, staying pure white, while exploding outward as far as you can imagine, past your Aura field for as far as you like it to go. Keep this white light strong with you. You can do this as fast or as slow as you’d like to visualize it, watching it push ALL negativity out of your body and your aura. If you need a quick fix, do this fast, if you can take your time, do it slower during meditation. It’s up to you.

James Van Praag also has a lovely visualization with a vacuum flash light that I like to use as well. Also, see my Protection, Energy Vampire, and Energy Awareness articles for more.

How to see Auras

I am always learning on the tricks of the trade when trying to see someone or something’s Aura. All living things have auras. People, animals, even plants, etc. Some people may already have this ability mastered and will not have to try or practice at seeing Aura’s. There are some that are born with the ability to see others’ Aura’s and their variety of colors on a constant basis. But for those of you that need some practice. Try to look at someone, preferably with a white background. (Maybe let them know you are trying this on them or they will start looking at your strangely.) Look just above their body, slightly blurring your vision and you will eventually see a glow about this person or thing. To do this with yourself, look in a mirror and try it. Keep practicing and opening up to the other side and you will be able to do this at will.

Now psychically when seeing a person’s aura, you will see this in a variety of ways. Each individual is different in some ways. You may see someone’s aura by feeling it rather than actually seeing colors in your mind’s eye and that is a valid path for you. When you try to read someone you will tune into the person’s energy. You may get images, or feelings and you may even be able to see their aura in plain site. Colors may mean different things to you than to someone else, depending. But go with your intuition on what it means to you, and this will be correct.


Check it out: The Aura Color Quiz

This website is a wonderful resource of information on Auru’s, Aura Colors and their meanings! A MUST SEE!



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