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Magical Sedona | Free Soul Activating Videos | June 2021 Newsletter

Dear Magical Souls,

Gaia is awakening. We are awkaning. If we resist the tiny messages from our soul, the Divine will make you hear it louder. I always say, if you don’t listen to the whispers, you will hear the screams. Take time to meditate daily! Even a few minutes a day will make a powerful difference in your life. Get out in nature. Allow the light of love to infuse your being and awakening you to the truth of who you are. The New Moon day is also a partial solar eclipse day. We’re still in the eclipse portal energy! Truths are being revealed to you. What messages from your I AM presence are you hearing now? Take the actions steps you are called to do! The Divine always has and always will support you. Trust and have faith. The Summer Solstice is June 20th. Summer ushers in firey action. We can ride this natural wave of light to 5D. Below I’m finally sharing the magic of Sedona from my latest visit below! I heard the call and took action. After you read about Sedona’s magic check out my new Sedona Vortex offerings below! Can’t wait to begin! To continue to get my daily Divine Cosmic messages and Videos more immediately and to view the ones you have missed you can go here:

Facebook page Instagram LinkedIn Twitter YouTube channel It is my desire that you enjoy this month’s Featured Divine Cosmic Message below and meditation journeys. Please share this newsletter on to anyone that may benefit. I am so grateful for your referrals, business and presence in my life. Namaste, Maggie


DIVINE COSMIC MESSAGE Magical Sedona SEDONA TRIP 5-22-21 thru 5-23-21 Finally, it’s here! I’m excited to share my latest visit to Sedona! Fifteen years ago, Don and I eloped in Sedona outside on the red rocks off of Schnebly Hill Road (another vortex location). The sun was setting on one side and the moon rising on the other. It was pure magic. Angel Lightfeather invited my husband to use her hand drum. Of course he created magical drum beats that echoed throughout the red rocks. We’ve evolved and transformed a lot over these years. Sedona has been calling to me ever since! I felt the call very strong a few years ago. When Don received the job opportunity in Arizona, I knew it was happening. And now, I’m finally relocating to Arizona! I’m so excited to offer my energy work in Sedona. I’ve been to Sedona many times now and every time I leave I cry. It’s home for me. When you get the call, you must listen. What’s calling to your soul now? Read my latest visit to this powerful place: DAY 1 Cathedral Rock Don (my hubby) and I went straight to Cathedral Rock as our first stop. We knew the lot could fill up fast and surrendered to venturing forward to the next vortex on our list if that occurred today. The Divine must have liked our plan because we got a spot right when we got there. Yay!

We began the short walk to where everyone was venturing up the red rock to a very steep part with steps. Both Don and I have an unfortunate fear of heights. (Although I am noticing that I can go higher and higher each time I go to a vortex location, again yay!) So at a certain point we new we were not going to venture up to the highest point. It was a windy day and there were a LOT of people attempting this route.

However, we didn’t want to leave yet. The wind seemed to guide us over to a quieter location. We continued our journey a little higher and found this crevice in the mountain that was very serene. I kept climbing higher and higher, feel very safe. Don eventually let me go forward and higher as his back was starting to act up. I kept climbing surprised I could keep going and still feel so safe. Deep into the vortex I went. I was heading closer to the top. There were tiny trees to ensure I was held as I climbed. A vision I had the previous day came to me as I crouched down in the sun at a high point. I was in the same position as my vision allowing an energy from deep within the vortex to fill me up from my root chakra through me to my crown and out. I continued deeper and higher and I found this crevice in the shade of the rock on either side of me. I was “in the belly of the mother”. Divine Mother womb energy and love. I soaked up the energy here for as long as I could (and captured a few pictures as well). When the wind shifted, it soon spoke to me that it was time to go. I met hubby further down the mountain and we meandered off the path finding our way, in our own time, back to the car. As we ate at a fantastic place called Sound Bites, I realized I was gently vibrating high and loving this frequency from Cathedral Rock. So amazing! Thank you Cathedral Rock Divine Mother energies. DAY TWO Bell Rock and Kuchina & Knoll at Boynton Canyon I began my day (as I love to do when staying overnight in Sedona) by walking and climbing at Bell Rock. Usually, I end up walking by a magical medicine wheel but today I must have been led to a new location. Bell Rock sometimes has a way of making us feel discombobulated directionally (but happily so). Each time I go, it’s a little bit higher up the rock. I know that just by being in Sedona everything is magnified, just like the full moon offers our energy. Bell Rock is a wonderful balance of divine feminine and masculine energies and is a powerful electromagnetic energy field. Here I began my energetic connections and intentions. Everything seems to speed up at Bell Rock. I feel absolutely energized. It’s was about a two mile walk round trip. I knew it was time to go as we had goals to head to Kachina and Knoll vortexes.

After picking up Don we headed out. We got to Boynton Canyon mid-morning and ended up parking on the street away from the parking lot, but we were happy to walk. This being our first time there, we didn’t really know where to find the vortexes so just went with the crowd. In the distance I heard the flute. It was calling me. At some point there is a choice to go left or go right. I was called right but Don and I decided to go with the crowd hoping it would eventually lead to Kachina and Know. Though I just knew we were getting further and further away. We walked the 6 mile hike (round trip) and it was beautiful and magical. The end point takes you to a majestic view of the red rocks fairly high up. I climbed as high as I allowed myself to and sat with the energy for a short while. I sent energy if called and tuned in. It was beautiful but I knew it was not Kachina.