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Divine Cosmic Message: Goddess Pele Activation

Goddess Pele Activation

Goddess Pele Activation (the goddess of volcanos, Fire and creation). Still on my plane, before I landed in Kauai, I connect with the intention to ask for permission to enter the island and offer the spiritual energy and work with my beautiful retreat souls. Synchronistically, the Kupuna (Hawaiian elder) did exactly the same thing and called in Goddess Pele. I am honored to have connected before landing. Here is what came for me, my retreat souls and for all of you reading:

I find myself at the edge of the ocean on Kauai. I ask for permission to enter the island for my spiritual work this week and it is granted by Goddess Pele.

On the sand, I set up my circle of flowers 🌺 stones and shells. I kneel down on the sand. Goddess Pele approaches as I bow to her.

She lights up my circle with fire showing me the infinity symbol in the fire. (Again we are shown at Secret Beach, on my day of the full moon to offer the Munay-Ki Rites, a drawing on the stones the infinity symbol.) Goddess Pele enters my circle taking my hands inviting me to stand.

She tells me I am doing better than I know or give myself credit for. I am going through majorly shifts. By April and May major shifts and changes are occurring to align with my intentions (and yours). I am so grateful.

She sends Waves of pink are everywhere of divine feminine frequency. Pinks and magenta. Pele says the Hawaiian pink flowers and white shells she gifts me will bring signs and synchronicities to listen to. Notice if this comes to you as well.

Purification and purging is occurring as we go through this ascension evolution. As you who receive the rites will also feel this in increased intensity.

The Fire in the soul is love! Pele Holds Such love and compassion for all of you! Waves of divine feminine love as she waves her arms around you similar to Hula dancing.

Some of you are hurting more than others in this now moment. She feels you and is holding you more deeply.

She knows all are in some form of suffering and she wants you to know the angels are listening and holding you just as she is in your darkest moments and they celebrate you and rise with you in your light moments. Pure Magic. Open your heart to her love and let her in.

She is offering a star. A White star of a double Merkaba into your third eye and crown. See this star being placed in your third eye and crown. See the light increase and amplify its intensity and raise your frequency.

Receive this Pele activation. We are of this earth and we are of the stars. She dances her Hawaiian dance around all of us and tells us to dance it out. Shake it out. Release and let go. Rise. Surrender, rest and BE. Mahalo.

She walks with me by my side now. She and I are the same. We are fire. She is with me. More connections are occurring now. 🌸🔥🌋



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