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Divine Cosmic Message: Kwan Yin

Message from Kwan Yin, Angel & Ascended Masters

Love. Love is the key to everything, a gentle wise woman spirit guide shares with me. I feel KWAN YIN's energy as well, the Goddess of Compassion.

Love should be your reason for all you do and be IN in everything you do. She points to my heart. Love is in your relationships. Love is in your chosen career. Love is in every mundane task if you choose to see it. Do everything with love. If not, it will not sustain you for very long. It's temporary. Love is everywhere when you choose to see it.

Then a Celestial female Angel with long dark hair comes to me overlooking a vast Universe in space amongst the stars. Such love fills me up so much: feels like home. So vast! Magnanimous. Deep. I am this and more. YOU are this and more. Connected.

The Tree of Life comes forth, a Divine union as Kundalini shakti wakes up within. Throughout my whole spine and chakras; warm light & love. Just thinking about the Tree of Life in the vast space stirs my Kundalini shakti. I am guided to strongly remind you to balance your Chakras every day! YouTube has many free guides options, like the one I recorded with the 7 chakra trees that merge into the Tree of Life. Here's the link if you are guided to check it out:

Or you can go by memory, if you have knowledge of them, through all seven chakras cleansing them from Root to Crown.

This daily cleanse is necessary for more balanced living and igniting your awakening in a way that is in balance. When you reach your heart center feel the love and know you are deserving of sending and receiving love.

Keep vibrations high. Use sound as a magical option! Sound penetrates powerfully and is instantaneous! Listen to Uplifting and loving music. Use singing bowls to cleanse chakras and bring energies into harmony.

Love is the center of our being. Open up to love and ensure it's always in all you do and are. Since you ARE love after all. Touch your heart and remember.

May you live love and remember you are Divine love!

Blessings, Maggie


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