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Entity Attachment

Kundalini & Entity Attachment

Entities – One of the many symptoms that may occur from a Kundalini rising

Please note that my book, Divine Embrace, explains in detail Kundalini, Ascension and how you can work through your symptoms and more!

Entity attachments: There are levels of entities in other dimensions. Some are higher in vibration but still have a ways to go if they are “attaching” themselves to you. Ghosts are those that have crossed over from a life here and haven’t yet crossed to the “Other Side”. They are in the in-between land and we can still receive messages from them here. Ghosts will take the same personality they had when living and have a limited view of what is going. If crossed over they have a better greater view of what is occurring for all involved and know that all is always as it should be. Ghosts can also attach themselves to people just as Entities. Ghosts can even be in such a downward spiral and fear that their features will eventually fall away and they risk becoming an entity of a lower vibration that is basically a leech for energy.

I’ve received request after request (emails and phone calls), just in the past month, regarding Entities and Ghosts that are being a nuisance and asking how to remove these unwanted attachments. It seems that the energies this year, for many of us, are truly getting deep down and bringing all the ick and darkness to the surface from within us and around us. This includes those nasty little critters. They are coming up for final release and transmutation to light. To put it simply, these attachments usually occur when we are out of alignment with our Divine Light and Love. It’s time to get empowered, live life more awake and conscious, as well as take charge of our lives.

Here’s the deal-e-o. Ghosts, entity attachments, etc. have been around for forever. But now, it’s different, like I mentioned. During this ascension time, the vibrations of the planet and ourselves are rising AND the veils are thinning. So we are even more so able to see and sense ghosts, entities and even our current human connections at a new level. More ghosts and entity issues are coming up only because more people are waking up and finally sensing what has been there all along. Which is a good thing because now it’s time to get empowered, fueled with knowledge and know you are no longer a victim of your circumstance in any shape or form! We create our reality. You are a light being.

A lower vibrational (or negative) entity attachment may happen if you are low in vibration, depressed or are in an area that imprinted a focused amount of lower vibrational energy. An imprint is where a high voltage of energy (low or high) from a strong experience occurs. So maybe a car accident or a location where someone committed suicide and on the positive flip side where hundreds came in a state of peaceful prayer. The other reason an entity attachment can occur is if we come to a Kundalini awakening. Entity’s will come simply if we are new to our awakening and are still learning to stay in our power and higher vibrations. Sometimes it will occur even if we are not new to our awakening and are simply very open and forget to keep our boundaries up (aka your vibrations high in love and light). No big deal, just an experience to remind us to stay in our uplifting powerful frequencies.

Like I’ve stated previously, we may have been in or are still in a negative state of being with negative thoughts and emotions. This happens as we open up psychically, if we are not prepared properly, we may unknowingly attract a being or beings that are of lower astral energies. This happens for one of several reasons:

One, we have not properly prepared our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual bodies to elevate our vibrations by working through personal issues and negative thought patterns.

Two, we have not properly learned and worked with “protecting” our energies and surroundings with visualizations as well as closing down our psychic channels when necessary.

The third reason is we are seeking them out. Perhaps an interest in the paranormal gets our fancy and we research about the good and not-so-good entities out there. Perhaps we are in a low place and fantasies take over where we seek out entities leaving us, again, in an even lower vibrational state being even more vulnerable to attack.

The final reason, I’ve mentioned already, is due to your (Kundalini) awakening. As your light shines bright you are a beacon of light that some entity’s are attracted. We must do our best to stay out of fear and in light and love as well as, yes, forgiveness.

With an entity attachment, depending upon your level of evolution, they may attach and have such a strong hold on you that they can cause you mental and emotional stress, fatigue and spread their negativity through you to your surroundings. Be discerning and do not be tricked. Entities can be tricksters. Entities, especially, like to attach themselves to those who have addictions, like alcoholism, drug addiction, sex addiction, etc. They will enhance an already dire situation for that person making it even harder to come out of the addiction. But it *is* possible.

Some signs of being attacked are:

Feelings of obsession towards another person (most of the time this is the person doing the attacking if in human form – known as a psychic or energy vampire – and other times it’s the entity’s facade of what they want us to see so we don’t guess where they are up to with our energy);

Feeling woozy or lightheaded; Hard to think clearly; Energy pulls from our solar plexus or other Chakras; Negative thoughts coming out of the blue in higher intensity; Negative thoughts we were already having being enhanced with fierce intensity; Low energy levels, etc.

If we don’t properly work through all personal issues and stay in our power and light, they can more easily influence us negatively. In a way, these entities are doing us favor because they are showing us where we are vibrationally. Then we can bring our awareness up and rid ourselves of them and further issues by doing the work.

It is important to know of another scenario where entities may attack. When doing energy work on another, energy is being released from the person receiving the healing. This energy and these blockages that are being released will look for a new home. (As Eckhart Tolle also explains in his book A New Earth regarding the pain body.) So if you, as an energy healer or facilitator of a transformational class, don’t properly clear your space and your Aura before and especially after a treatment or class you may be in for an entity attachment or psychic vampire issue. Perhaps you are down yourself and are working through a blockage on top of just finishing up an energy class where you didn’t do a clearing afterwards. The entity may see this as an opening and strike for their attack. I know from personal experience that if you don’t clear your space with sage and/or some sort of energy visualization to uplift your energy, icky energy will try to find a new home. So if you aren’t to the level of being transparent and allowing energy to flow through you and out where the entity has nothing to grab on to, then it might try to attack you personally. Stay in your love and light. Stay alert and conscious! The clearing is about cultivating higher vibrations and allowing only positive love and light flow near.

An attack can happen in our sleep as well. It may come in the form of a dream. The entity may attack us physically in the spiritual realm. They may not show their “real” face but project a pretend face to us to make us think we are safe when we are not. We will wake up feeling entrenched in gross energy, our Chakras (especially our power center/Power Chakra and Sacral Chakra) will feel like energy is being sucked from it. Because it is or was! It can feel almost physical and physically draining. Obsessive thoughts may occur. As I said, this is one sign that we are or were being attacked psychically or energetically by an entity. There will be an energy surrounding our body that is filled with anxiety – fear. At first we might pretend it’s not real. But energy doesn’t lie. Eventually, when the cloud that surrounds our brain from this attack begins to clear we will get the feeling that we have been attacked. An entity was or is attached to us.

Then the work begins to clear it away. Remember though just by finally realizing and knowing this is what is occurring shines a light on the little critter(s) and they usually run far away and hide. But do the work. Send them love, light and forgiveness!

Entities, for the most part, exist only if you are of the vibration that they exist. If you believe they are there or are afraid of their existence then you will manifest them in your life somehow. If you are still believing you are a victim of your circumstances and give your power away with that belief. You have aimed your focus on them. You can change this! What you focus on expands. However, if we come into the knowing that Fear is actually False Evidence Appearing Real and only love and light exist we set ourselves up for more uplifting experiences. Turn your gaze to love and light only. Bring and cultivate your vibrations to light and love and send love. These critters will be removed from your existence after the lesson of love and light is learned. Perhaps “removed” isn’t the right word. Rather they are transformed via your perspective. They are not to be feared but understood in the lessons they bring.

As we recognize their existence in our life, take the witness stance; a neutral learning view of the situation. Ask, “What part of me created this in my existence and what do I need to learn from this creation/entity?” Ask them directly. Answers will come. Some part of us agreed to allow them into our life. A mutual agreement was made. Some part of us needed to learn something from them. Everything is perfectly Divine.

A recent personal entity attack comes to mind to share here. This entity had made itself look like someone I trusted in order to take advantage of me in my “dreamlike” state. Fun! However, I finally realized it was my energy and what I attracted that made this “agreement” to have an entity attachment occur. When I realized I created this entity experience and agreement I began focusing on the light. I asked what my lessons were and they were very blatantly in my face. The negative thoughts I was having for a few weeks or more (regarding a personal experience) had cultivated into a negative energy (entity) experience. I received the message and knew I needed to gain more momentum in positive uplifting thoughts and emotions regarding the other (living) folks involved in this experience; an internal process to uplift my vibrations. I thanked the entity profusely for its help, its message and time. I sent it love and light and said it’s time for them to go now, now that I understood and have made a significant shift with the experience I had been thinking negatively about. Their message was received. Once I did that I saw the entity turn into a brilliant brightly lit Angel. Wings sprouted from its back and I smiled with tears in my eyes. I watching the entity/angel leave knowing I was forever changed in regards to my views of entities. They won’t all turn into “Angels” but they are the messengers we need to wake us up!

You can get your power back. Remember they are in another realm. You have the power. You can simply send these entities your LOVE. Unconditional love is something they shy away from very fast. You can also state with CONVICTION that they BE GONE forever. You can call in reinforcements of individuals who are experienced in ridding your body and home of negative entities. They may attempt to cross them over to the Other Side as well. I’ve had years of study and experience working with the paranormal and there are many ways. There is not just one way to do this. However, the fastest simplest way to do this when you just need your light back and you need it now, is to simply say “GO AWAY NOW and NEVER COME BACK” or you can also include “In the Name of God” or whoever is your higher power. You can call on ArchAngel Michael and other Angels for assistance as well. They MUST leave. Believe in yourself and your power and they will go. When our Guides and Angels are remaining silent it’s a sign that the work must come from within first and foremost. Know they are still there either way and you are safe. It is all completely Divine.

I always recommend (at least a monthly) clearing of the home with sage that rids your home of negative energies. But you can also do a clearing sooner if there was spike in negative emotions or anytime you feel it is necessary. And as always my favorite is to also visualize Golden light and God’s White Light energy surrounding the home or person in need. Truly feel this as you visualize the sparkly shine of pure light energy. You are remembering that you are light and always have been. By doing this you integrate more of your light body within yourself. You can do these visuals as well to rid yourself of negative entities by visualizing them away. Visualizations are powerful. You can call in and visualize ArchAngel Michael with his protective sword shooing them away with Divine Love, Divine Power and Divine protection. Be creative in the moment and do what works best for you always. Cultivate higher vibrations of love and light always.

Remember, most importantly, to keep yourself clean and clear energetically and, for the most part, no longer attract entity attachments:

It’s not about pushing away the experience but accepting it, finding the answers behind it and moving forward in the light through the experience. Surrender, surrender, surrender! Live in the present moment. Stop trying to reach to a future point. Give up trying to resist what is happening. Surrender and accept and embrace it. Find the answers in working with the Divine Light that you truly already are.

Practice cleaning your Aura and Chakras daily. You can do this with a meditation CD or just by your intention with visualizations and feeling the energy working. My Chakra Meditation CD on my store page is a perfect option for clearing both your aura and your Chakras.

Maintain the highest connection to your Divine Source or God. Truly look within and act only from the highest God Source, with truth, integrity and love towards yourself and others. It’s very important to include yourself on the receiving end of this love too!!! Ask your Divine Source to keep you in line with only the highest love and light.

Remember, you can always call in your Angels, ArchAngels and Ascended Masters of only the highest Divine vibration to God/Source anytime you need or want to. I call on ArchAngel Michael daily to cleanse my home and aura! ArchAngel Michael is the protector Angel and can be in many places at once. So call on him and he is there to assist, powerfully and lovingly.

Ask what the message is for you from the entity (if there is a message, as I detailed above).

Ground yourself often! Remove any stagnant energy from your body by staying grounding, sending energy into the Earth and even doing a visualization of being a Tree. Let go of all that is not unconditionally love (such as unforgiveness, jealousy, hate, negative thinking, etc.)

To be energetically protected and cultivate higher vibrations is best to maintain a healthy body with exercise, yoga, walking and eating the right good food for your body, as well as having good heigene. A shower every day will remove a LOT of stagnant ick that may be lingering in your body. A shower is great for cleansing the Aura. You can even visualize the show as golden light energy!

Think positive thoughts!

Do whatever works for you that you are drawn to, in order to cultivate higher vibrations, uplifting way of being and feeling as well as drawing the stronger powerful light being inside of you out. Get empowered!

I wish you light, love and peace deep in your heart!


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