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Goddess Luna and Calm Energy Transmission


Goddess Luna and Calm Energy Transmission May 2020 The energy of calm, calm, calm is at the firefly of Goddess Luna’s intention for all of us on planet Earth. I begin my journey outside walking under the moonlight in the enchanted forest. Fallen blossoms and flower petals from the trees line the path. As I walk on the moonlit path the blossoms sway in the gentle breeze. The leaves and nighttime sounds are pure magic; from crickets, to frogs and owls and more. The moons magnetizing energy draws me in. It calls to me. As a golden white light wraps it’s spiraling light around me, I am lifted higher and higher. Wrapped in pure protective moonlit magic. I am energetically pulled up higher and higher. Out of Earths atmosphere and into space. The galaxy is peaceful. Quiet power resides here. Room to grow. Room to be. I am pulled towards the moon. The moon opens as a portal. I am pulled inside the moons portal of light. Goddess lunar approaches me here inside this light-filled moon temple. She is light and form around soft edges. Soothing, feminine healing power flows from her. She pours pure bright moonlight over my feet, legs, torso, belly, all of my chakras, chest, neck and head. Peace and calm fill me as I am healed from the inside out. Light wraps it’s warmth around me. I experience Calm like I’ve never felt before. My skin tingles with soft watery-like moonlight. Peace and calm spread through every cell of my being. I am invited stay here as long as I desire. Goddess Luna invites you to embrace her light and become calm and peaceful always. Like a ripple, peace and calm spread to all you touch and intend. Sending it to all of Gaia’s inhabitants and Gaia here self. May you feel the peace that dwells within always.

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