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Golden Egg Shield

A Powerful Protection Shield

Years ago when I was psychically opening up for the first time I would experiment with different methods of protecting myself from energy vampires and from receiving any type of energy transference that I didn’t want. Although I now know more fully that these methods are aligning our vibrations higher and that is overall what keeps us from harms way or rather from unwanted lower vibrational energies. The best methods I have found thus far are three methods; two of which I have already mentioned: the White Light Bubble and Cord Cutting with ArchAngel Michael. The third is pretty potent and depending upon your intention can block out even those things you didn’t want blocked. So be careful of your intention when calling this one in.

Here’s why. My friend shared with me a nifty protector shield that was shared with him. I was excited to use it the next day when I showed up at work. At the time I was an administrative assistant for an environmental business. I had a group of people to support. In the morning I decided to place this shield up and see how it went.

What you do is visualize golden liquid light coming down from the heavens meeting your crown Chakra or just above it and surrounding your entire aura and body with this warm beautiful golden liquid light. Gold is powerful and I use it as a visualization often. Once you are completely surrounded you will then feel the golden liquid light harden. I did this so well that I could hear the crackle of the golden liquid hardening like a dry golden egg all around me. It was that powerful to me.

So then I went on with the rest of my day doing a few odds an ends from the prior day’s workload. At around 4p.m. I started to realize I hadn’t heard from a soul all day long! No assignments from my managers, no one stopping by to say hello, no emails and no phone calls. I was flabbergasted. Then it hit me. The golden egg! Oh no! I promptly said thank you to the golden egg and let it go. I felt it melt back into liquid and dissolve into the Earth.

Amazing! What’s more amazing is right after I did this – I’m talking mere minutes here – I received two or three phone calls and some rush jobs from at least two managers, as well as a few emails from people I had thought of during the day. I realized that not only was nothing getting in, but nothing was getting out too. My thoughts, feelings and energies stayed in the egg till I released it. My mistake was making the intention too strong and not allowing it to be more free flowing and malleable for loving energy to still flow through me. So now if I use the golden egg shield my intention is that this surrounds me with protection and still allows only love and light to flow to me and from me.


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