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Hecate and Shining Your Light


Hecate and Shining Your Light April 2020 I am led down to Middle Earth with Morgana and her Raven as my guide. I am greeted by Hecate. Hecate’s black dogs are with her today. Hecate is the gatekeeper to the lower world as well as the upper dimensions. She is the one who rides the veil. She leads me through a portal that opens with her special key. We go deeper to the 5D Earth’s crystalline core. Hecate asks me to be her voice now. She tells me that we are the messengers and the holder of light. Our job, and most importantly for those reading this now and at this pivotal time, is to be the pillars of light that we are…to hold that light and beam it down. We are to call in and allow the light of God/Goddess/Divine Source creator that created us to flow through us. Run this powerful energy just with our intention to be open and feel it warm and heal your body as it flows through you to the core of Mother Earth. I am shown all of us as pillars of light on the surface of Gaia, calling in the Divine light that flows through us, sending it through all the layers of Gaia connecting to Earth’s 5D crystal core. All around the planet I see pillars of light connecting. Powerful. Beautiful. The Earth is ascending. The Earth is purifying and shedding its old worn out skin. The Earth is transcending old patterns, purifying and transmuting old energies. The Earth is rising like the phoenix from the ashes and becoming new and more powerfully beautiful. We are all receiving a crown chakra opening during this unique time in Earth’s History. We can choose. With your intention, you may choose to say, “I am open to receive. I am open to connect more deeply to the Divine. I am open to rise and step into authentic truth.” Allow the energy to flow through you to Earth and not from you. The Divine is the Source of the energy. You are the channel for that energy. Simply allow. Feel yourself connected to this energy and receiving as you channel it down to Gaia. May you feel the light of all that is and rise.


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