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How Do I Survive Being an Empath?

We are all Empaths on some level…

We are all Empaths on some level; some more than others. Empathy is so common these days and especially for those folks “waking” up from an unconscious life. An Empath is someone who feels intuition at a deeper level – taking intuition to a whole new level. Intuition is being sensitive to your surroundings and your gut instincts. Empathy is actually picking up on what another person is feeling, whether it’s physically, mentally or emotionally.

The challenge is this natural ability is that you don’t always know you are picking up on someone ELSE’s stuff! Once you know, you can more easily protect yourself from receiving unwanted energies and/or remove it from your energy (for the most part). At the very least you will be able to better monitor the coming’s and going’s of yours and others’ energies. Keep in mind that what you focus upon expands. When you’ve receive someone else’s “stuff”, you may be able to attempt a transmutation of energy (more on this in a minute).

My older sister is an Empath and has had a hard go of it most of her life. When we are conscious of it we can better work with the energies. It helps so much that you know it’s not “yours” but it’s someone else’s. I remember one time being in a restaurant and hungry. I love food! But suddenly, I felt icky and bulimic!? I am definitely not bulimic. So this shocked me. I went so far as to go to the bathroom and see if there was anything I could do about this. When I removed myself from the restaurant area and, therefore, the person’s energy (who had walked by my table), this feeling started to pass. I realized I had picked up on someone else’s energy. What an epiphany and thank goodness it was fast! Sometimes I pick up on my step-son’s energy and at times this is his huge rage emotions. He is autistic and can’t always control the rages. One evening right after he left, I felt the extremely strong rage to the point of effecting my night in a major way. I couldn’t get a handle on it. Then the light bulb finally went off. It wasn’t mine. I even said it out loud. Immediately it went away. It was gone. And that was my confirmation that it truly was not mine. Although it was helpful to know how strong this can be for him.

We are all connected on this planet. No matter what’s happening in our lives we are never alone, always connected. And the closer you are to someone the easier you pick up on their stuff. The more you open yourself up to someone the more their energy can work its way in to your energy. This is natural. It happens with our kids and loved ones all the time. Sometimes it’s good energy and sometimes it’s not-so-good energy. We have aura’s, an energy field around our bodies. These aura’s expand depending upon our energy of the moment. You will feel the energy of the room even just by entering the room. Have you ever noticed the energy vibe. Sometimes it feels like a fight had just occurred and you feel that ooze out of the room and other times it’s light and airy, feeling good. Or when someone comes in and they just light up the room. It’s their aura we are feeling. Usually these energies come and go naturally and in good time. Other times we take it in.

Empath’s take in others energies a bit more than your average person. It’s in their nature. These folks tend to be (but not as a rule!) caretakers, co-dependent in nature, and turn out to be nurse’s, healers, doctors and caretakers of loved ones. When you take on a role like this it’s hard to put on the “off switch”. But it’s possible! And with practice and diligence in conscious awareness life can flow more easily. Sometimes we take on other people’s stuff because it’s a lesson we need to face ourselves. So this is important to keep in mind.

Helpful Methods on ow do flow with being an Empath:

First, it’s important to keep your aura and chakras clean, cleansed and to do the inner work for yourself. You must always do your best to work on any issues that are in your life, from the physical to the mental, psychological and spiritual aspects. Facing these issues in the right amount of time rather than ignoring them. As you practice good spiritual hygiene you more naturally attract the higher vibrations in situations and experiences as well as the higher vibrational people to you. This will feel better. Like always attracts like. Even as an Empath what you attract and/or take in to your energy field is something to consider as a lesson for you and/or something you can help another go through.

Then you will want to also protect your energy (which again is simply a raising of vibrations). You can call on the Angels and God to surround you with extra protection at all times and especially when you feel you are going through a negative territory or place or are facing a negative person. You can recite that “It’s not mine! It’s yours.” To the person and/or God. We can also practice the Golden Egg Shield of protection. This comes from my book, Divine Embrace. I am placing this at the end of this article. In my book, I talk a lot about this and other energy subjects regarding awakening.

Lastly, and especially for those healers out there, we can transmute the energy that has come in to the White Light of the Divine/God. We can ask that it be removed from our bodies and auras, as we are conscious of its existence and lessons, and allow it to be transmuted up to God. Calling on St. Germaine’s Violet Flame is a great way to remove the energy for transmutation. Visualize the purple flam engulfing your body, cleansing and removing all that does not belong. Then fill your body and aura with Divine White Light. Breathe in deeply beautiful white light energy.

Another fantastic way to remove the energy from your body and transmute it is to ground it down into the Earth. You can either do this in Nature or simply visualize the energy. See your hands touching the Earth (I usually visualize my hands pressing down into green grass). Then visualize all of the energy going into the Earth for transmutation. Even intend that you give Gaia (Earth) everything. Let it all go. Then visualize beautiful white light energy flowing into your crown chakra, down through your body and out your hands into the Earth; sending Divine Light into the Earth to assist with the clearing process.

Golden Egg Shield

Years ago when I was psychically opening up for the first time I would experiment with different methods of protecting myself from energy vampires and from receiving any type of energy transference that I didn’t want. Although I now know more fully that these methods are aligning our vibrations higher and that is overall what keeps us from harms way or rather from unwanted lower vibrational energies. The best methods I have found thus far are three methods; two of which I have already mentioned: the White Light Bubble and Cord Cutting with ArchAngel Michael. The third is pretty potent and depending upon your intention can block out even those things you didn’t want blocked. So be careful of your intention when calling this one in.

Here’s why. My friend, Dave shared with me a nifty protector shield that was shared with him. I was excited to use it the next day when I showed up at work. At the time I was an administrative assistant for an environmental business. I had a group of people to support. In the morning I decided to place this shield up and see how it went.

What you do is visualize golden liquid light coming down from the heavens meeting your crown Chakra or just above it and surrounding your entire aura and body with this warm beautiful golden liquid light. Gold is powerful and I use it as a visualization often. Once you are completely surrounded you will then feel the golden liquid light harden. I did this so well that I could hear the crackle of the golden liquid hardening like a dry golden egg all around me. It was that powerful to me.

So then I went on with the rest of my day doing a few odds an ends from the prior day’s workload. At around 4p.m. I started to realize I hadn’t heard from a soul all day long! No assignments from my managers, no one stopping by to say hello, no emails and no phone calls. I was flabbergasted. Then it hit me. The golden egg! Oh no! I promptly said thank you to the golden egg and let it go. I felt it melt back into liquid and dissolve into the Earth.

Amazing! What’s more amazing is right after I did this – I’m talking mere minutes here – I received two or three phone calls and some rush jobs from at least two managers, as well as a few emails from people I had thought of during the day. I realized that not only was nothing getting in, but nothing was getting out too. My thoughts, feelings and energies stayed in the egg till I released it. My mistake was making the intention too strong and not allowing it to be more free flowing and malleable for loving energy to still flow through me. So now if I use the golden egg shield my intention is that this surrounds me with protection and still allows only love and light to flow to me and from me.

Have a blessed filled day sharing love and light!

Namaste, ~ Maggie Anderson, Spiritual Cheerleader​


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