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Kundalini Pathway

The Awakening Path

Please note that my book, Divine Embrace, explains in detail Kundalini, Ascension and how you can work through your symptoms and more!

In our energy bodies we have seven main energy vortices or Chakras (out of hundreds of Chakras) that align along the center of our body from the base of our spine all the way up to the crown of our heads. (More on Chakras later.) Surrounding these Chakras are three main Nadi’s (out of 72,000 Nadi’s) called the Ida, Pingala and Sushumna. The Ida Nadi is our left side of the body that goes from our left nostril to mid-brain all the way down to the left perineum. Ida holds the energy qualities of feminine, lunar, cooling and passive. The Pingala Nadi is our right side of the body located in our right nostril to mid-brain and all the way down to the right perineum. The Pingala holds masculine, sun, heating, active energy qualities. The Ida and Pingala wrap around the seven main Chakras looking seemingly like DNA strands or like two serpents rising up to the crown of our heads. Where they join is a Chakra. The Sushumna Nadi goes from the base of our spine straight up along the spine and all the way up through the crown of our heads (or Crown Chakra). Sushumna is the Kundalini life force energy or also known as Spiritual Energy, Serpent power.

During this process we clear our energy blocks within our energy centers (Chakras and aura). Or rather Kundalini assists in the clearing via energy surges and experiences. Kundalini pierces the energy centers (Chakras) as it rises and will continue to rise up as it works on any old past patterns and blockages that may come up through the rising of Kundalini energy. As this happens a clear Kundalini awakening occurs that may be smooth in its process. Kundalini rides up the spine seemingly like two snakes electrically charged flowing from the Root Chakra all the way up to the Crown Chakra. Now if Kundalini hits a blockage it will stay there while working on that blockage but it does not stop at one Chakra till that is cleared. It will continue to work simultaneous on other Chakras. It works in succession with other Chakras for clearing. It will only give you what you can and are meant to handle. Some will have a smoother balanced ride and others are destined to have a wild ride. Kundalini is a lifetime of experiences. It does not stop with one nifty experience and you’re awakened, enlightened and all done. It goes on for a lifetime of experiences. Even after you are awakened you will still go through your normal life. As the saying goes, “Before enlightenment you chop wood and carry water. After enlightenment you chop wood and carry water.” Only maybe with more joy, presence and awareness.

The purpose of Kundalini awakenings is the preparation for your mind, body and soul in reaching the expanded state of consciousness. You will come to learn that it helps for a better way of being to keep your energy moving, never growing stagnant. Stagnancy is the only true death we may ever experience. Growing stagnant allows for built up emotions, negativity, complacency and ego to rule your unconscious living. Our bodies are transforming and the Kundalini awakening is assisting this to occur. If the body is prepared beforehand with a healthy lifestyle and healthy living, then the rising Kundalini will leave with it a balanced transformation over a balanced time frame that is unique to each individual. If not, the rising is disturbing and sometimes painful for days, weeks or years (such as in Gopi Krishna ‘s case as told in his book The Awakening of Kundalini ) . Kundalini’s spark of life force will assist you in cleaning up your life in all ways. So the Kundalini spark assists with the spiritual awakening.

If we have blockages and ignore the signs or experiences that are trying to assist us in releasing those blockages (releasing through experiences, meditation, Higher Self or Angelic guidance) our Kundalini awakening will feel downright awful and take longer than need be. These blockages are karma or rather old past patterns and actions needing to be released once and for all; preferably in this lifetime. Coming out of our attachments to desires and the positive or negative affect of experiences, but staying in a neutral state of being always aware of our connection as the Divine (Atma) Itself, is what gets us out of the cycle of karma and death and rebirth. This process can be smooth for most of us. As we listen to our hearts, our Angels, and the Divine, we flow through life awake, aware, joyful, and blissful.

We each have a divine spark within us that is our core essence and our core essence is Love. Our egos (or personalities) cloak our true essence. Our ego is here to serve us while in this reality and not the other way around. Somewhere along the way, the ego took over and we are slaves to it. As we awaken we will tame that beast. As we ascend we release more and more of our egos’ hold and the filter of our personalities. We, thus, show more of our true selves. Our true nature is peace. By bringing peace to ourselves we bring it to the world. As each of us align with our Higher Selves, our Light Body, our true Divine essence, we create a synergy of that light consciousness within that awakens and blossoms out to reach the depths of all souls. The seed has already been planted and now we are blooming. It is time.

We eventually transmute our “lower” selves as we awaken and ascend and take on more of our “higher selves” and bring that guidance and light more and more within us. This brings the guidance clearer and stronger in our heart. We always have this guidance and sometimes it takes a quiet moment to truly hear our true heart and soul and its guidance. Check in with your heart. You can do this even without meditating or years of practice. It’s always been there; ongoing, all the time. Can you feel it? Simply getting present gets you there. Be present in every moment and your heart voice will be heard loud and clear.

The more you elevate and activate, the more ascension symptoms you may notice. You are raising your vibrations and bringing your physical body into alignment with this frequency. As a result, you are opening up to your true self. It’s also been called downloading more of your Higher Self in this reality to be more fully your true self, either through mini-awakenings or all at once. It can take mere minutes of time or days, weeks, months or even years. It is up to your evolution, where you are spiritually, karmically and where you choose to be in this very moment. You may come to this awakening with gusto and then suddenly lose it. You may veer off the path and “forget”, but something will trigger you and you will come back in your own time, in your own way. Sometimes as you think you are veering off the path, you are actually still on the path and processing the many learning’s required to keep your awakening process moving smoothly. We are each unique and it will happen to each of us differently.

Everyone is special and we all have the gift. Everyone can do this. Everyone can remove their own blockages for powerful healing. You have it. You can work towards it. In these ascension times, it is our expansion of consciousness that is bringing us all to this expanded way of living and being.

Our spiritual awakenings can happen with a Kundalini energy spark zinging up the spine (more on this later the book), a life-changing experience, a near-death experience (NDE) or any number of life-altering shifts that occur. Many times these awakenings cause tremendous shifts within us that change our lives forever. Nearly all of these shifts in our lives are subtle and sometimes seemingly unrelated to the event that occurred, and yet completed and utterly connected to the event. And again most times these occurrences or mini-awakenings occur throughout our entire lives happening one mini-awakening at a time until we are fully in a newly evolved body, mind and soul, the end result being Self-Realization. Our way of being, living, and our outlook on life is more upbeat, clear and in divine order with our Source connection.

Spiritual overhauls or renovations arise within us after a Kundalini experience, NDE or life-altering experience, meaning we transform on a spiritual level as a more awakened person to our life and the Divine. Experiences occur to assist in those awakenings for the ultimate awakening. I speak more in-depth about these experiences in chapter 2. My feeling as to why these occur is the assistance these experiences provide us in order to ascend and transform into the more highly evolved beings that we already are, and to truly Self-Realize this while in the body. More and more of these events are happening around the globe. If you are reading this then you are already there and you will also start to notice more synchronicities of these experiences within yourself and others. It is amazing to see the transformations occurring within all of humanity. It is all divine and occurring in a timing that is just right for each of us. There is no need to rush or push yourself or anyone else. We will all get there in the time that is right for us. Simply follow your heart. We are naturally progressing into a new human race; blossoming like flowers.

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