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Psychic Awareness

My Beliefs on Psychic Awareness My beliefs and what I have learned regarding Psychic awareness/abilities and energies of the Universe. I will put this in my words and hopefully this will help. I need to also mention that I am always growing and evolving with my abilities. My beliefs may change the more aware I become and the more experiences that can change my perception. It’s hard for anyone to say they are an expert. You can really only go by experiences, length of time in the field and references of readings done on others. The information within my site may help you along your path in making you more aware and knowledgeable. First off, we are all psychic to some extent. Even if you have never undergone any psychic medium training or been to somewhere like the Psychic Reading Lounge for your own reading, we are all psychic in nature. We all have the ability to use our psychic abilities. It is just that some are just not open to their abilities. For a lot of people this takes time to open up to their own unique potential in becoming psychically aware. You need to truly recognize your potential in awareness and most of all you need to continuously practice at it and use these abilities as often as you can. There are a few out there that actually have less work to do in the psychic awareness department, at least in receiving messages, although they may need to work at deciphering their meanings. I have heard and seen many psychics out there where this ability and/or awareness comes quite naturally to them. We can speculate that this may be because they have fine-tuned their abilities over many lifetimes or maybe it was in their blueprint contract that in this lifetime they have stronger abilities for their own life lessons. They can be labeled a “Natural Psychic”, since they recognize their abilities and are aware almost immediately from birth. These particular people are able to use their abilities any time they choose, sometimes they will actually have to close up this ability because it may come through TOO strong for them. These people may need to learn to turn off and control their abilities when they don’t want to and/or need to use them and this is where their separate kind of honing in and practice lies. Although for these people in times of need it is nice that they are able to receive information quicker than others who have to practice at developing their abilities. And their are also those that we have all heard about, that suddenly have these new abilities after something tragic has happened to them personally. Maybe an accident, a lightning strike (if they survived), a Near Death experience can bring out their awareness, etc. For those of us that need to work harder at growing and maintaining our abilities (and even those that don’t have to work as hard) it’s very important that we have faith in ourselves, our God and truly believe in ourselves and the messages that come through. I have had so many experiences that tell me this truly is real and the Other Side does exist. So believe and have faith. You can do this if you desire.

I hope that I and my website are a beacon of light to all those out there that need it. Meditating is an important key to psychic development, as well as a wonderful way to relieve stress and health issues. With thought, dedication, practice, meditation and becoming more open to the existence of psychic abilities, the Other Side, the Universe and more, you will become more intuitive gradually, progressively and you too will be able to tap into your psychic abilities.

Developing Your Intuition & Psychic Abilities We’ve all had experiences with intuition. This is our little voice deep inside of us. Some call this their God Voice, call it what you like, it will work for you if you listen. We can ALL tap into our intuition if we can only learn to listen to it. When you get that feeling deep inside you that you just KNOW what’s going to happen next. Or just KNOW you shouldn’t go down one street, but another, your first impression will never steer you wrong. Whatever you intuition tells you is going to be right. Even if something horrible happens after you’ve listened to your intuition. It’s very possible that your intuition led you to this situation to learn from it, and/or led you away from an even more horrific experience. Never doubt. You will put fear into it and you will over think what you intuition tells you. Just go with it. By opening this little voice inside you and listening you are also opening up your psychic awareness. Intuition is unique for everyone. The trick is to decipher your thoughts and feelings from your intuition. (Your mind from your inner knowing.) I have heard that this can come to you in a non-emotional sense. If you are hearing anything negative, this is NOT your intuition. Your intuition is non-emotional and will give you information in your own unique way. Maybe you feel something physically warning you of danger. Maybe you feel it from deep within, a gnawing action in your stomach and maybe you also hear and see and feel what you intuition is telling you. Do not think too long on the message, then your thoughts will get in the way of the message and totally mess up what your intuition was trying to tell you from the start. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS go with your FIRST feeling and/or intuitive thought!!! I can’t stress this enough. Do NOT doubt yourself, you are right the first time! There are so many stories of people who said, “OH I KNEW IT! I Should have done –such and such– like I first thought!” So please go with your first impression, it is right. Psychic abilities will also go along with your intuition, they are almost one in the same. I strongly recommended that you become a part of an Intuition or Development Circle. If you only do this once, it should be enough proof to you that we all have the ability to become psychically aware. This can consist of 2 to 4 people. (Maybe more, up to 12, any more than that is just too many to receive any information intuitively. You know the saying, quantity isn’t always quality.) Anyway, with this circle you can practice on one individual at a time. Each person being the focus in turn, the others see if they can get any messages or images regarding a specific question or just in general for that person. While focusing on the person, you will receive intuitive thoughts and/or images. You will tell what you have received to the group, and then the others will also tell what they have received. There will be a discussion on the points. The person in question will provide some feedback on what was said about them. After about 15 minutes (or however long it is deemed necessary) on a person, then you will move on to the next person. You will be amazed at what you receive!!! Here is what a reader had to say about his first time in an Intuition Circle: “Let me tell you..I truly enjoy doing this and it certainly boosts my morale regarding psychic see that “I” could actually do it.” Now, if at first this is too fast for you, do what I have done and practice online. Get a group together online and do a circle that way first. Then progress to practicing in person, as that will help you receive the most information. Also James Van Praag talks of a Development Circle, which is slightly different in organization and goals. James Van Praag’s goals with a Development Circle is for Mediumship. Although I’m sure you can use this for other goals on psychic awareness as well. His thoughts on a Development Circle are to get at least 8-12 people. No more than 12. Always keeping the same people in the circle, meeting once a week for at least 6 months. When meeting, always meet in the same room, sitting in the same chairs, placing the chairs in a circle. Apparently, this is to help Spirit build your energies and make contact. Holding hands is not necessary, as you are in a circle. You can have music, no words, soothing and positive. No distractions, quiet, turn the TV and Phones off. Candle light if you wish.

Although James states in his book (Heaven and Earth: Making the Psychic Connection) that it is actually better to have it as bright as possible to make contact with spirit. But for a Development Circle you may want to dim the lights till you progress. Wear light clothes that are not constricting. As this could also be a distraction. Start off the meeting with a prayer by the leader of the group, then go around the circle for everyone to say their own prayer. Then close your eyes, go into a meditative state and receive what information you can receive for a time. The leader of the group will end the meditation session when he feels the time is right. Once done, then you will go around the room stating what information you have received. You could have picked up on others in the room, other spirits for others in the room, etc. Then the leader will end the session with a prayer. Enjoy developing your intuition and psychic abilities!


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