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Twin Flames vs. Soul Mates

Twin Flames/Twin Rays vs. Soul Mates

Twin flames are elusive to many. Twin flames are defined as the ultimate partner connection. It is said that when the Universe created us, we were ONE with our Twin Flame. Then we were split in *two*. So no one else can even come close to the divine epic connection we have with our Twin Flame (other than true oneness with God/Universe/All That Is). This is a love that is beyond ego. A Twin Flame sets our soul on fire. It is the closest we can get to another human being. This epic connection brings with it good connections and not-so-good. So when our Twin Flame is going through a horrendous time, we may feel it empathically at a deeper connection than any empathic connection to another. Or we are dragged down by their suffering deeply. Like a mother to their child and more. (To understand empathy more, click here.)

Soul Mates are defined as close to a Twin Flame “status” where an intense connection can be felt between Soul Mates. They can be someone we may bump into in each of our many incarnations to learn what we need to learn, gain support and nurturing and evolve our soul. These Soul Mates are matched for life or perhaps several Soul Mates in one lifetime. Soul Mates help us through life lessons and support us through hard times, as we do for them.

Some believe that we never incarnate at the same time as a Twin Flame and they are simply always at our sides energetically throughout our incarnation as we are for them. It is also believed that we are instead provided a soul mate (perhaps one step “down” from a Twin Flame). Some define Soul Mates as what you and I would describe a Twin Flame. And yet again, others say we are provided with numerous Soul Mates throughout our lives. In this case, the deeper connections of Soul Mates are felt if we’ve incarnated more than once or several times together. So we ‘know’ them because our soul has met them in other lives.

Given the descriptions of a Twin Flame, I wouldn’t say I have met my Twin Flame or felt more than an intense deep connection and knowing with my Soul Mate. I’ve definitely met a few Soul Mates (if we use the above definition for Soul Mate). My Husband is my Soul Mate for sure. The moment I met him – the minute I looked into those baby blues – I knew he was/is my Husband. I just knew. And I had never met him before. A year later on the very same day he asked me to marry him. *beam*

I believe in Twin Flames but my opinion is ambiguous (due to my own personal experiences) if they are incarnated with us or if our Twin Flame is on the other side awaiting our return. However, since nothing is ever the same for two people, I feel the answer is both. Depending upon our own soul’s blueprint in life (what we have decided prior to incarnating that we wanted to learn and experience) will decide if we meet our Soul Mate, several Soul Mates, Twin Flame or none of the above other than soul “family” mates, animal companion mates and soul “friend” mates; sometimes known as Kindred Spirits. Since our lives are all about free will and creating our experiences in the present moment, it truly is our choice as well!

Having a Soul Mate in our life (or Twin Flame) doesn’t take away from our trials and tribulations in life. We are still here to learn lessons and evolve our soul. It is these connections that can help or hinder our growth. We must connect when we are drawn but know when their connection begins to hinder our growth. If we are hindered and cannot reconnect, communicate and work through issues, there may be time to separate. This separation is sometimes for the rest of this life and other times temporary. The separation is to help our soul learn the lessons we are meant to learn. This is at the very highest level in description.

I must take this deeper for a moment with an analogy (paraphrased from the TV show Bones). Fish choose their mates based primarily on color gradations. Two Gourami’s, for example, one male and one female. They’ll mate if they’re both vibrant blue. Now, if the male becomes paler, which can happen over the course of time, the female becomes non-receptive to the male, even aggressive. Translation, we align with whomever we most resonate with in the present moment. If we are not aligned properly with our “Twin Flame” yet, we may not even “see” them in our lives. Or perhaps we align with them for a while but then their path takes them off-course or in a different direction. So then not totally resonating with our frequency, unless we are able to (and want to) change our vibration to match theirs. If not, there is a misalignment. An imbalance is felt and separate course directions must be allowed in order to find our way again. We must do our best to follow our heart, but surrender to what is in every moment. We must honor the path of the other and they us. And someday, perhaps, our colors will align again.

We are all connected and all desire the ultimate connection to feel special, loved and nurtured. Whether we meet our Twin Flame in this incarnation or not, we are still truly loved, nurtured and supported. If a Soul Mate or Twin Flame experience ends do learn the lessons of that relationship from inside yourself. Then know that there will be another greater higher experience and person out there for you. In terms of a Twin Flame, if you take that meaning, then do know that you will meet again either in this life years or decades from now, or perhaps when we cross over and on to another life (if we so choose).

If you do come upon your Soul Mate or Twin Flame and end up separating (for whatever reason or circumstance), it’s quite possible that your connection with this person may not reconnect for years or even a lifetime. It’s quite possible it is meant to rekindle in this life. It’s very possible that you two have gone through this very scenario in other lifetimes and it’s up to your partner to finally decide that no matter what life throws at him/her, no matter the experience in the outer illusionary world, he/she can have that loving connection with you now. He/she do not always need to “complete” something first. It’s always a free will choice. Our life is ours to create and design as we wish in every present moment. I know we can’t possibly know everything about the full situation and grand design of the Universe, but that’s the fun in creating. We create from now, not from what we expect to occur and then decide from there. We create it now. Make sense?

We are provided a partner (if we are blessed to receive one) to help us through the challenges of life; to help us feel loved as God would love us; to help us feel nurtured and to nurture them as God would nurture us; to support us and us them, etc. And then to simply find joy and happiness in that fulfilling relationship that has depth and meaning with a true connection. This connection is our blessing in life and we must not take it for granted.

Just because someone, even our Soul Mate or Twin Flame, is having a tough time, it doesn’t mean we stop living. It doesn’t mean we stop caring either. Where intention goes energy flows. For our sanity, the sanity of those around us and our soul’s growth we must bring our awareness to peace, joy and enthusiasm for life. Life unfolds wherever you are. And for now, you are here. For that I, also, recommended reading my other article regarding Soul Mates here: I Choose Me.

Depending upon the relationship, however, I’ve learned in my experiences that if it’s too hard to get together and one side is truly resistant, we must let them go. It is not meant to be, for that moment in the very least. To let someone go is the ultimate surrender to God/Universe. To have faith and trust that if they are meant to be with you, they *will* be brought back to you. And if not, a better more divinely connected relationship is waiting in the wings.

So we must surrender our hold on them. Release our fears that we may not see them. Because if they are our Twin Flame there is nothing to fear anyway. When we hold on too tight it pushes people away. Even if you aren’t holding on physically, energetically we must surrender the reigns to the higher power. We MUST live the life we are meant to live while our partner goes on to do their divine work as well. We must seek our truest connection to the Divine FIRST and go from this point out to the world. It is this connection that is truest and will never let you down.

This connection will hold you through the hard times and drive you to continue on your divine path, whatever that may be. Follow your passion. Live life fully. And honor your heart and truest voice when you are called to utilize it. Listen to your intuition always and trust.

Believe in magic and fairy tales with endless possibilities. Believe and have faith while you trust in surrendering.

Blessings, Maggie


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